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Events Hors d'oeuvres

Cold Hors d’oeuvres

Fresh Vegetable Crudités Platter

Hot Hors d’oeuvres Served Butler-Style   

Choice of Three

Mini Crab Cakes Served with Cocktail Sauce
Bourbon-Style Meatballs
Mini Egg Rolls Served with Sweet and Sour Sauce
Spanakopita (Phyllo Dough with Spinach and Cheese Filling)
Wonton Shrimp Served with Plum Sauce
Tiropita (Phyllo Dough with Cheese Filling)
Hot Sausage Bites with Asiago Cheese
Mini Potato Pancakes with Sour Cream
Shrimp Cocktail
General Tso’s Chicken
Hamburger Sliders
Hot Dog Sliders 

Available at Additional Charge

Hot Hors d’oeuvres:

Stuffed Mushrooms with crab meat
Stuffed Mushrooms with Italian Sausage
Buffalo Chicken Brochettes
Chicken Teriyaki Brochettes
Dill Cheese Puff
Mini Deep Dish Pizzas
Scallops in Bacon
Spinach and Goat Cheese Pizza
Cheese Stuffed Pretzels
Zesty Tomato Soup with Grilled Cheese Shooter 

Cold Hors d’oeuvres:

Domestic & Imported Cheese Display & Crackers
Fresh Fruit Display
Shrimp Cocktail Shooter
Muscles Casino on the half shell
Wasabi Shrimp (shrimp with wasabi cream cheese on top of sliced cucumber)
Fresh Mozzarella Roulade w/Sopressata & Basil
Assorted Roasted Vegetable Display with Balsamic Sauce